The 100 Mile High Club

We’ve all heard about the mile high club. That’s the club where a randy couple have sex on a plane that is flying. Usually the plane is flying that high. So you can guess what I mean by a 100 mile high club. This is sex in space. In particular zero gravity sex.

Now zero gravity sex could have been attempted on the vomit comet. That’s the plane that does parabolas so the flyers experience zero gravity for about 25seconds at a time. But this is hardly enough time for even the fastest quick draw to have sex with a partner. So I don’t think zero gravity sex has been done in a plane.

Zero gravity sex may have even been attempted on the international space station. I’m not sure if there is much or even any privacy to be had on this space station. But some couples would thrive on a lack of privacy. No, where they’re being stopped is the unfortunate point that sex liquids might fly anywhere in the space station after being released. All the other astronauts are likely to inhale these liquids.

No I don’t think zero gravity sex has happened yet in space. But that’s why there are three private consortiums working on making space hotels.

What would be the cost? Well if Bezos charges $28 million to go up 60 miles, getting to orbit is likely to cost $100 million. So for a couple, it would be $200 million.

I’d also expect that the couple would go up for two weeks. One week to practice and get accustomed to the space hotel and zero gravity, and another week to have the best sex of their lives. But not so long that they’d have to do targeted exercise 4 hours a day, like long term astronauts in zero gravity do. Just so those same astronauts can still walk when they get back to earth.

But would the few couples able to afford such a trip, actually go? If you’re a billionaire and bored of everything – sure. It’s a new experience. If you’re engaged to a billionaire you might demand zero gravity sex for your honeymoon. After all it is a couples activity to consummate your love. If you are a billionaire and really, really want someone, offer them a trip with you to a space hotel. What an innocent sounding way to say I’d pay $100 million dollars to have sex with you for two weeks.

It’s only a matter of time before the first zero gravity porno movie is made. The billion dollar porno movie, that is, because it would have five couples who must all be trained to help shoot the movies as well. How could it possibly make back its money? Using all possible sex combinations amongst the ten, they would actually shoot 10 pornos over their two weeks. They could then sell each to a million people for $100 a piece. It won’t be a big moneymaker. But I’d expect it to break even.

There would then be a race to conceive the first baby in space. Expect names like Starchild, Stella, Orbitzo, and Luna etc. to be in vogue for awhile. Most will probably only be $200 million dollar babies. But expect the press to call them billion dollar babies. Those of us old enough to remember Alice Cooper will laugh. Because of these hopeful conceptions, expect the rocket schedules to have to synch with the woman’s maximum fertility.

So you might hear about space hotels and the wonderful experiments they are doing up there. And the beautiful views to be had. But the draw for most humans will be the zero gravity sex. The couples will perform their own experiments I expect.

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