Best Posts of 2021

It’s that time of year where I pick my favourite posts of the the year and hence miss writing an original post for the week. Yes it is that time of year where I get a break from deadline stress. The very happiest time of year for me.

At the start of last year I liked the post Red, White and Chartreuse. It’s points are funny yet true. Who doesn’t like laughing at the truth?

Every time I think of farming tails by banging a gong in Meat for Vegetarians, I laugh. The only problem with this post is that I said that this should be good for all vegetarians. I should have said some vegetarians.

Practice Makes Perfect could be the prime directive in an alternate sports league. With this prime directive, instead of timing a 100 meter run, you could measure the distance of a 10 second run. Boom! More practice for the winner.

Premeditated Post asks if other crimes that are premeditated should have stiffer sentences. Like premeditated murder, I think they should.

Quota Time outlines three ways an Ontario cop might make their quota for the month.

Rainbow Adventure is exactly that and is wrapped up in only a page and a half.

I hope you enjoyed some of these posts and we hope to see you again for the rest of 2022.

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