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Of all the genres, you would think that historical fiction would be the most respectful of traditions. Well there is a long established tradition in which the setting of a story is brought up, right at the outset. But I don’t see historical fiction using it much. Writers of historical fiction ought to start their tales with “Once upon a time”.


Women’s pant waists seem to be getting higher all the time. This is just fashion and I’ll just have to deal with it. However, it seems to me that waists can’t get any higher without the pants themselves becoming overalls. And even from here, the style can continue to expand. Soon women will be decked out in onesies and will have all sorts of problems when it comes to going to the bathroom easily. Yes, fashion can go a step too far and this is it.


I’ve heard of companies wanting to deduct the salary of employees, if they want to continue to work from home. The company at this point can save a bit on rent and lighting and heating and still they want to save more off the backs of its employees. Well if this is your company, there is now no doubt that it is an evil corporation. It wants to profit twice off the same thing.

Feel free to give the company a bill for rental of your workspace at home. Make sure it matches the amount the company deducts off your check for working at home. If they fire you instead of paying the rent, you’ve probably saved yourself years of aggravation at a company that just doesn’t value its employees.


Did you know that trust in the media is at an all time low? I got this from the media and frankly I don’t buy it. Which makes this story true. But I know how they slant things so I don’t buy it, etc.

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