The Real Competition for The Weather Network

I’ve taken a lot of math courses over the years, and still I wonder why The Weather Network will not give a 50% chance of precipitation. All the other 10s are there. 0%, 10 %, 20%, 30%, 40%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. Just not 50%.

You could guess that The Weather Network uses 40% when the chance is slightly less than 50% and 60% when the odds are greater than 50%. Maybe they’re trying to help us make a decision. But if that’s the case, you can still use that 10% accuracy thing and say the odds are 50 + % or 50 – % to let us know which reality is more likely. But no. They treat us like little babies and don’t ever use 50%.

I’ll tell you the real reason. They don’t want us to realize that their real competitor is a coin flip. As such they never let us see a 50% chance of anything. Knowing full well that we will drop our visits to their site or station and use a coin to decide the matter with as much accuracy as they are giving.

So, from now on, once I hear that there is a 40% or 60% chance of precipitation from the weather network, I will use my coin to decide the matter. It will be a carefully selected coin, one side of which will be the Queen since I am Canadian. I will gouge an X across her face since I am mildly against the royal family, and use that to mark the bad outcomes. You know, if you’re going to an outdoor wedding and thus you need sun, the X side denotes the outcome of rain. Or if your enemy is planning a round of golf, the X can denote the outcome of sun.

Many of you may think from the above that I am totally against the royal family. But I assure you that I am not. Those who really think the royal family are vile and evil and live and any other anagram of evil, will leave the royal side of our currency alone. After all the face of the Queen is enough to denote evil and thus bad outcomes all by itself. There’s no need for an X.

Some of you may notice once I start using my coin and the coin flip, that I sometimes do terrible things. Then, just to be contrary, at other times I start doing praiseworthy things. I will have Two-faced myself and I’m afraid you’ll have to call in Batman.

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