High One

‘High one” sounds like a good name to be at the top of a hierarchy. Maybe it is a term you could use to address a royal, or maybe their representative such as a judge. Or maybe “high one” would be the name of a spiritual leader. Or for those in heaven. Anyhow, all this is not what I mean when I say “high one”.

By high one, I mean a time not a person.

Just recently the US passed a bill what would make Daylight Savings Time permanent, beginning in 2023 all across the US.

Last year, Ontario (my province) said it would move to any time reckoning system that stopped us from having to move the clocks twice a year and that New York state and Quebec agreed to use.

Well New York state has made up its mind. It’s only up to Quebec, now. I believe Quebec will move to this new regime, too. Thus I believe Ontario will follow.

But with permanent Daylight Savings Time, there will no longer be a high noon. High noon originally meant when the sun was at its highest position in the sky. In 2023, you’ll have to say high one because of the hour difference. The one of course standing for 1 pm.

So now, whenever I have a gunfight with someone, I’ll be sure to hold it at high one at the village square. That’s so us gunfighters will know when to meet even if our watches are broken. Just as long as we can tell when the sun is at its highest, we can meet at high one.

That’s not the only thing that will have to change. Midnight, or the middle of the night, will now be at 1 am. So witches will have to adjust their witching hour, too.

If this affects you adversely, and you are a witch or a gunfighter, we intend to launch a class action suit against this madness. After all, gunfighters and witches prefer it if you’re off balance a couple days of the year. This can work to their advantage.

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