Where’s the Bacon?

In a nod to the famous Wendy’s advertising of the eighties (“Where’s the beef?”), Wendy’s now has ads that ask the question “Where’s the bacon?” for it’s breakfast sandwiches. I believe Wendy’s never offered breakfast sandwiches before.

But why stop this nostalgic advertising there? When KFC brings back their famous Double Down, 2 pieces of breaded chicken with bacon, cheese and a sauce in between, Wendy’s can ask “Where’s the buns?” Then Wendy’s can show roughly the same thing surrounded by buns. They can then ask “Why let your fingers get greasy?”

They could also ask “Where’s the breaded chicken?” and compare their offering to a lesser competitors’ offering. Or similarly they can ask “Where’s the breaded fish?” and compare their hunger inspiring fish sandwich to a competitor’s lesser offering.

Now I would be remiss in talking about Wendy’s and how good their offerings looked if I didn’t tell you about a recent lawsuit filed about misleading advertising. It is alleged that in the images of their burgers, they only cooked the beef to brown its outside, then they took the picture. It’s estimated that the burger is 20 % bigger this way. If they left the center pink, they of course wouldn’t be allowed to sell that burger for health reasons. But Wendy’s thinks this is okay to lure customers with.

So because of this bait and switch, the customer can now ask of Wendy’s , “Where’s the beef?” We shall see if this lawsuit pans out. It is also against MacDonald’s. And there is another lawsuit against Burger King. The whole burger industry seems to have been misleading us all along.

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