Steven Del Duca is an Extremist

Most people consider the Ontario Liberals to be a centrist party. There are other parties in Ontario but most are considered to be to the left or the right of the Liberals. Largely their centrist position seems to hold up during most elections. Except this one.

Steven Del Duca has said that he will step down if he doesn’t bring in a preferential ballot system after a year. This is extremism. He has largely been quiet about this during the election but he stated this during his run for Liberal leader. I think he thinks the electorate at large doesn’t have a clue that he promised this. This stinks.

He is not giving the electorate much of a say in this matter. Shouldn’t a change in voting systems demand majority approval from the electorate? Not the false majority approval brought by a first-past-the-post system, but a true majority?

I bet that some of you are still not convinced that Del Duca’s party isn’t the usual Goldilocks party that the Liberals aim for. At the national level, only one democracy in the world, Australia, uses the preferential ballot that Stephen Del Duca likes. Meanwhile, proportional representation is used by over eighty nations and first-past-the-post (our present system) is used by over 30 countries. Obviously Del Duca is an extremist in regards to what other democracies have chosen.

Why the extremism? Mr. Del Duca believes that he is permanently giving his party an edge over the other parties. It is generally accepted that centrist parties are favoured in a preferential ballot. He wants government after government to be Liberal and thus prone to their corruption. This is not what the province of Ontario wants.

Help send Del Duca the message that Ontarians don’t want centrist parties in power at all times. Ontarians don’t want to give centrist parties an edge forever. This election, a vote against Del Duca is a vote against extremism.

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