My Zombie Light Bulb

My LED light bulb had a prolonged death. For months it would go from being normal to flashing on and off to back to normal. It’s flashing didn’t bother me that much because it is in my bathroom with two other identical bulbs over my mirror. Then finally that sad day came when it made a noise, there was a brownish, blackish stain on the the bottom, and it went out for good.

I left the burnt out LED bulb in the socket because I have yet to go to the store and get a new replacement bulb. Much to my surprise, a few days later, I turned on the light switch and all three lights came on. The one that had burnt out wasn’t as bright as it used to be but it was definitely on. I was shocked by this new, zombie light. But there was no denying what was happening.

Since that time it has remained dim but sometimes it flashes on and off. I think it is reminding me of the good times when it was alive and approaching death. It is trying to ingratiate me to it by reminding me when it was normal. But most of the time it is not very bright and just gives off a steady glow.

I am not so foolish as to try to unscrew it and replace the bulb. That’s what it wants me to do. I will reach up to try to unscrew it and get the shock of my life. Or a shock to take my life. Then somehow the bulb will eat my brains and it will be all over for me. But not the light bulb. It will remain in the socket till someone else is foolish enough to try to remove it and the cycle goes on.

So I’m left experimenting with zombie life. It’s dimmer so that’s it conserving energy so it can last as long as possible.

And zombies chase brains as if they need them to survive. Perhaps without brains to eat for a long enough time, they will die for good. That’s what I’m hoping.

Is there anyone else trying to outlive a zombie light bulb? Is this common? This is only my second LED light bulb to have burnt out, so I think it is. What pact did the light bulb company make with the devil anyway?

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