Are You a Speciesist?

Do you love one species over another? Then you are a speciesist. The law is speciesist. There are many protections for homo sapiens but few protections for other animals by comparison.

And way back I bet we were really speciesist. The fact there are no neanderthals or Denisovans left I think speaks to a real bias among our ancestors. It is my belief that they were on a campaign to deliberately wipe neanderthals and denisovans out. And they succeeded.

And I really wonder about people who say they love animals. Surely there is a cutoff somewhere. Amoebas are just too small to see. Or even sense unless we are using scientific equipment. Why make ourselves responsible for their lives and deaths?

I feel no guilt when I kill an insect. Cockroaches and fruit flies and houseflies and locusts can end up almost taking over a place. Because of this I feel no guilt when I kill any of these creatures. Indeed I feel a little satisfaction. My satisfaction is only tempered by the fact I didn’t get them all. I for sure am a speciesist in this regard.

I heed arguments that honey bees are helpful in agriculture. But when they come around me I freak out just a little to make sure they don’t sting me. And if they get into my house, I am on a mission to kill them. I’m a bit speciesist about all insects.

Maybe I’m better with mammals. But mammals include rodents. Mice and rats are known for spreading disease. And with no real predators in Australia, plagues of them are the result. Much like insects, these creatures need to be killed. I’m a speciesist here, too.

I also think Alberta is a bit nuts here in the fact they kill any rats in their province. So much so that they say their province is entirely rat free. A rat population under control is enough for me. I don’t need Alberta’s level of perfection.

And beavers are rodents. This hardworking animal that doesn’t spread disease can be a nuisance when their dams flood land. But that flooding can be managed. So I leave these guys alone.

I have no qualms about dangerous predators being killed. I’m in the lowlands of southern Ontario and don’t mind the fact that whenever a black bear makes it into this area, it makes the television news. That’s how rare it is. So I can hike with a high confidence that no creature will kill me.

I am also a meat eater. I admire vegetarians and vegans for their restraint. Unfortunately they must be more aware about their diets to remain healthy. I admit it, I’m not willing to think about my food so much. For me it’s easier to remain a meat eater. Still I have more meals than I used to that are vegetarian or vegan.

I do wonder about vegetarians and vegans owning dogs or cats. It’s my understanding that both types of animals need meat to survive. I can imagine the nervous twitches on these people when they feed such pets. Or maybe this is the type of person that owns birds?

Anyhow, I’m a speciesist, you’re a speciesist, everyone’s a speciesist. At least a little it seems. If you are not, I’d love to hear how you do it!

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