The Colours of Wealth

Centuries ago, they didn’t have an inexpensive dye for purple. But they did for the rest of the spectrum. So only rich people could afford purple clothes. The colour became associated with wealth. Royalty and nobles alike used to like to show off their purple clothes which the poor could never have.

But eventually purple dyes became cheaper. So the rich no longer cared for purple clothes to set themselves apart. Soon a new colour became associated with wealth.

The Americans began printing green money in 1861. They used green so it wasn’t in black and white and couldn’t be counterfeited by photography. By the time cameras that could shoot colour came into existence, the greenback was an institution. So in America green became the colour of money.

Even in Canada, green is known as the colour of money although our currency is multi-coloured. I can’t help but note that the Rosedale subway stop in Toronto is in one of the wealthiest areas of Toronto. Each subway stop is made a different colour. And Rosedale’s is green. It is much like the colour on the American currency.

So I would argue that green became the colour of wealth after purple’s long reign.

But lately a new colour has emerged as the colour of wealth. Trump is orange from the tips of his hair to the tips of his toes. His dyed orange hair is part of this. But most of it is from his skin’s fake orange tan. Only someone with money to burn would pay for things that make them look worse. And Trump does this willingly.

Expect orange to catch on with the wealthy. I’m certain that Trump’s bills and other legislation made it easier for the rich to make a buck. As well he probably cut back on taxes to the wealthy. Sure Donald was only thinking of himself but this also applies to those who make tons of money or whose relatives make lots of money. Trump’s style could be taken up by these people. Cheeto orange could become the new colour of wealth.

But the wealthy are typecasting themselves. Purple, green and orange are the secondary colours. That is, they are the colours that aren’t necessary because they can be made up of two primary colours. All you really need are the three primary colours of red, blue and yellow. Are the wealthy unnecessary parasites?

Maybe. There is talk about how extremely wealthy men are improving space travel. I do like to laugh at this because 53 years ago the government made it to the moon. And still, private enterprise hasn’t matched this feat. Don’t give me the BS that private enterprise is better than government when it is most decidedly not.

Like leeches on society, those extremely wealthy men are not paying 50% taxes on their money like they should. If they were, the government could use that money to come up with all the innovations that the private spacecraft companies have. But then we wouldn’t be able to congratulate Bezos, Musk and Branson for their “accomplishments”.

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