Yet Another Grab Bag o’ Humour

Dean R. Koontz is a great horror writer. So much so that I think it is only natural to call him the king of horror writers. Some might protest but I think that history will bear me out on this one.

One obscure rejection of this I will take on. Some of you might call Stephen King the king of horror writers. But this argument I’d like to chain up, throw in a locked cage and sink under water where it belongs, never to be seen by humans again. There’s a big difference between the name King and the title of king. I would like to take those people to task for calling King king again.

Don’t you think that Stephen King is tired of being cast as a real king all his life? Open the box in your mind and set him free once and for all. Let Koontz be the king of horror.

* * *

Have you been hoodwinked into accepting gut flora as something current and scientific? Well it’s not. For the gut bacteria to be flora they need to photosynthesize in a place where the sun don’t shine. Since this is not possible, they aren’t flora. Start using the term gut microbiome. It’s longer but we’ll catch on to it eventually.

* * *

Remember real jobs used to include working in a factory. Have you worked in a factory lately? The vast majority of the people I know certainly don’t. These real jobs disappeared and hardly anyone does them anymore. They’re hardly the career they once were.

How about working on something like the Simpsons? A flaky job if ever there was one. But wait, it’s been going since 1989 which in general makes it a career for those who began with it. There are other shows following suit, too.

But that’s LaLa land. How about right here in my area of Ontario? Acting jobs on the stage are quite common here. There’s the Drayton company of theatres that have sprung up in small towns and even in Cambridge. There’s the Blyth Festival which showcases Canadian plays. There’s the Stratford Festival which has Shakespearean plays as well as others. There’s the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake. And I haven’t even included any of the big Toronto shows which are also a reasonable drive away. People live as actors without even leaving my area of Ontario. Flaky jobs? Not so flaky anymore.

* * *

In my early days, I was brought up in a Lutheran Church, And not once do I remember Satan being brought up. Not in the sermons and not in Sunday School. It’s quite easy for me to imagine Christianity without any Satan.

Indeed, now I think that Satan was added as an after thought. Not because we need to have a Hell. But because we can now curse someone out when things go wrong, After all, cursing out God might lead to no good.

“Thank you, Satan!” er that is “Curse you, Satan!”

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2 Responses to Yet Another Grab Bag o’ Humour

  1. Lance Russwurm says:

    Well….I did several factory jobs when they still existed. They sucked.

  2. I think Dad was pleased that none of us ended up working in a factory.

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