Mother Earth Force in the Hospital

It became a full meeting of the Mother Earth Force when Tail entered the hospital room. He saw that Near Absolute Hero was awake and proclaimed, “You can now, officially, take the Near out of your name!”

There was a guffaw from Near Absolute Hero followed by a moan of pain.

“Shhhh!” said the image of Mother Earth on the open laptop.

Modern Ninja said matter-of-factly, “Laughter is definitely not the best medicine, here. It exacerbates his injury when he laughs.”

“Sorry, Near Absolute Hero, I didn’t know.”

Near Absolute Hero said. “The first one’s free. After that you’re kicked out. Modern Ninja got me earlier.”

“What did the doctors say?”

“That he has stabilized after the surgery. Now it should just be a matter of healing. They estimate he’ll be fine in 6 to 8 weeks,” said Mother Earth.

“When can he leave the hospital?” followed up Tail.

“It should just be a week.” continued Mother Earth. “You, myself, and Modern Ninja can take turns guarding the room.”

“Don’t forget, I’m still here.” said Near Absolute Hero. “You three can talk to me while you’re here ‘guarding’”

“I’d like to speak to Mother Earth in private if that’s alright?” asked Modern Ninja.

“Sure,” said Tail, “If I can talk to her for 2 seconds first.”

She agreed and ten seconds later Tail was outside the room with Mother Earth on his phone. “I just wanted to hear what Modern Ninja’s joke was.”

“She said the abbreviation of Near Absolute Hero is N. A. H., meaning nahhh, he is an absolute hero!”

Tail laughed for a second. Then quickly went into the room with Near Absolute Hero while Modern Ninja now departed.

“What’s bothering you?” asked Mother Earth, genuinely concerned by Modern Ninja’s expression.

“I don’t quite know how to bring this up.” said Modern Ninja. “Tail. Tail’s been bothering me.”

“How so?”

“I think if we spend much time together, the two of us, that he’s going to fall for me.”

“Why wouldn’t you want that?”

“I hate to fall into bias, if that’s what it is, but that tail bothers me. It’s a crime against nature. Well my nature anyhow.”

“You don’t have to say yes to any advances.”

“But I think that if I don’t it’ll make it impossible for us to be a superhero team.”

“Tail should have no problems. Did you know he has a following? It may be hard for you to believe but some women have a kink for that same tail.”

“I just don’t want to be left alone with him.”

“Hmm,” said Mother Earth. “ I think you are projecting yourself onto Tail.”

“What? I certainly don’t want him!”

“But do you want Near Absolute Hero?”

Modern Ninja’s eyes widened.

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