Grab Bag o’ Humour, February 2023

Have you heard about the supermoons, as advertised in the press? Supermoons are full moons when the moon is closer to the earth than normal.

They are perfect for lovers or those doing things outside at night. But they are not relished by astronomers. Instead they are a load that astronomers have to carry on certain nights.

Astronomers hate light pollution. And full moons, especially supermoons, are light pollution when looking at other, much dimmer objects in the night sky. Those much dimmer objects are harder to see in the glow of the supermoon.

And wouldn’t supermoons lead to the scourge of super werewolves?


This particular winter in Ontario has been ridiculously warm. It’s now mid February and we’ve only had two weeks of below zero highs. This is like a New York City winter. Or a Vancouver winter. It’s fine by me to be so warm, however the winter sport enthusiasts are hurting.

There’s not much snow for the ski hills. Outdoor rinks have a hard time operating. And snowmobiling is pretty much non existent this year.

I can’t help the skaters and skiers. But perhaps someone can invent slush/mud mobiles for just the type of weather we’ve been having. Maybe such a machine could have little skis for slush and mud at the front and knobby wheels for mud at the back.

I think skis would also operate on mud. I just wonder if farmers would hate trails in their fields that such a machine might make. It might make plowing in the spring more difficult. But maybe the trails could stick to the peripheries of any such fields.


Has China seeded any doubt into your mind that the balloons over North America and even South America are just civilian operated and no harm whatsoever to anyone?

And don’t we look ridiculous, shooting them down like we did to two of them? Is this overkill like in the song 99 Red Balloons? Maybe.

Or maybe China is actually spying. You know, the way Sun Tzu highly recommends in his book the Art of War. Perhaps China has even heard about this book. It was written by a Chinese general over a thousand years ago. In it, the general harps about always having the best information about the enemy. Then finally in its last chapter, he goes on about spying and that spies should be rewarded well. What they do is important.

These couldn’t possibly be spy balloons. But we should shoot them down to see what makes them tick and then send our own over China. Wouldn’t the Chinese like to see the improvements we made with them?

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