Flying Squirrel in the Mother Earth Force

Flying Squirrel stood watch on top of the CN Tower where he had been for the last couple days. The Big Smoke had been experiencing many carjackings lately. If one happened in the Big Smoke’s downtown, Flying Squirrel would be there to follow and hopefully apprehend.

“911 call from University and Queen,” said Mother Earth in Flying Squirrel’s earpiece. “Someone is carjacking a black Dodge pickup truck.”

“Close enough,” said Flying Squirrel and leapt off the tower, his wingsuit saving him from certain death. It allowed him to glide quickly toward the carjacking.

“Headed north,” said Mother Earth. “Why would they pick a pickup truck in the middle of downtown? Certainly they would have better odds of getting a pickup from the suburbs or the country.”

Flying Squirrel had spotted the pickup now. So he could pursue. “Because they need something big to smash into a store and do a quick grab and run!”

Flying Squirrel could see the pickup turn left up ahead. He got ready to alter course.

“That’s left onto Harbord.” said Mother Earth.

Flying Squirrel just made the turn in time to see the truck smash through a glass front of a jewelry store. Flying Squirrel pulled his parachute. There was a jerk and then he could control the parachute and aimed for the back of the pickup still sticking out of the building.

He could hear the smashing of display cases as he landed perfectly in the truck’s back. He just managed to get the parachute off when he glimpsed a blur to his right. As he rolled over the cab into the store he saw that the blur was Tail who imprisoned the thief in his tail.

Flying Squirrel was about to charge the 2nd thief who turned to see him but didn’t turn toward Modern Ninja who drop kicked the thief. The thief went down.

Tail handcuffed the first thief. He tossed another pair of handcuffs to Modern Ninja.

“Well at least I managed to follow him for us.” said Flying Squirrel to Tail.

“Yeah,” said Tail, “You were at least as useful as-”

Modern Ninja had disappeared from Flying Squirrel’s view as Tail went silent. “Where’d she go? What were you going to say?”

“I’m sorry,” said Modern Ninja. “I must have accidentally turned my invisibility on while looking at you.”

“I was saying you were at least as useful as a drone. At least, buddy. A drone doesn’t come down to fight in a non lethal fashion like we do. You were ready to fight,” finished Tail.

“And if they had just parked and gotten out, you could have landed on one of them and thus taken him out,” continued Modern Ninja.

But Flying Squirrel sounded wounded. “I don’t think this waiting on the CN tower is working out.”

“Dammit!”said Mother Earth into each of their ears. “This is the one thing we all agreed to do while Near Absolute Hero was injured. The cops are coming.”

They piled into their SUV and were off the scene before the police got there.

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