April 2023 Grab Bag o’ Humour

As two letter abbreviations for Canadian provinces become more and more common in Canada, I looked up Newfoundland. NL is the two letter abbreviation for Newfoundland. This is way better than the four letter, Nfld., we were taught as kids.

Why is this much better? Well NFL – D means that Newfoundland is on the D list of football. The NFL or National Football League, is of course the A list of football. The CFL or Canadian Football League is the B list of football.

Going down by the same amount, the C list of football is any amateur game of football played anywhere. So the D list is usually reserved for places where they call soccer football – and, of course, Newfoundland.

Newfoundland is probably happy that we no longer rub it in their faces that they are on the football D list.


If I were a lead guitarist that used mainly a Fender guitar, like a stratocaster or even a telecaster, I would like to have the nickname Fender Bender.

But instead I am a rhythm guitarist that prefers non Fender guitars. So, if you see a good lead guitarist that does play a Fender, feel free to bestow the nickname on them.

I wonder if Frank Zappa used a strat because of the song Joe’s Garage which has the line, “it was a stratocaster with a whammy bar”. Maybe we can give the moniker to Zappa. There should be bonus points for the Fender Bender using a whammy bar, which bends the strings even more.


I have a brother, Lance, and a sister, Liana, who do realist art. They don’t have an obvious gimmick as with surrealism or impressionism. They just make paintings that are more or less how someone else would see or even how a camera would see.

As such, I call them realists. A tiger mom would call them completely nonrealists. They must be doctors or lawyers or engineers or scientists to get the realist moniker from her. Most artists are quite unrealistic according to this narrow view.

So how do I defend my point of view to those tiger moms out there and their allies? My brother and sister are realists enough to know that having a part time job at the same time while doing their art careers, is a good thing. This is why they’re realists.

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