Behind the Nanny State

Many have called the governments that have the British monarch as their head of state, nanny states. In their rush to help the health and safety of its citizens, it is believed these governments have trampled on some of the freedoms of citizenry. Just note that the word nanny is mostly considered to be a feminine name and a feminine job. Is all this an accident?

Since 1837, Queen Victoria has ruled about 63 ½ years and Queen Elizabeth II has ruled about 70 years. Over 186 years, women have ruled 133.5 years. That means men have ruled just 52.5 years in that time. 72% of the time women have ruled. Only 28% of the time men have ruled.

So the state has become feminized since 1837. No wonder why the nanny state became so big. It’s just what a lot of women do.

But wait! The British Monarchy is set to have its next three monarchs be men. Charles, our current king is considered to be a man by many. Of course he probably only has 20 years left as monarch before William takes over. Then William likely rules for another 30 years. Then George will likely rule for 40 years more. I’m assuming a greater than 90 years life span for all of them. So that’s a 90 year rule of men.

Perhaps after all that male rule, the countries with the British monarchy as head of state, will no longer be nanny states.

But something has shifted. For the birth of William’s kids, it was decided that the first born would be monarch no matter their sex. George just happened to be male. If Charlotte had been first born, She would have made it so there would just be two generations of kings in a row.

Anyhow, there should be a roughly 50/50 chance of males and females being first born in the British monarchy. But on average, females live longer. So I strongly suspect there will be more years of female rule as opposed to male rule.

Expect the nanny state to endure. So remember don’t smoke, don’t vape, don’t drink and don’t cannabis. Then if you’re good they’ll let you caffeine.

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