Elon Musk Wants to Change the Name of Tesla

In what would be a surprise move, Elon Musk wishes to change the name of Tesla. He much prefers the name Ground X which would fit in with his stable of companies. This way his trio of companies would be known as Space X, X, and Ground X.

His shareholders may not have a stomach for such a change. Especially considering his change of Twitter to X has come along with a lowering of value of that company. Still, Musk marches to his own drummer and may force the change on his company.

After such a change, Musk may finally have an innocent reason to demand the giving of the xxx domain just for his stable of companies. Pornographers may be taken aback by this for awhile. But through force of character, determination and the exchange of lots of money, the xxx domain will become Musk’s at last.

Of course he will start with his innocent reasons. But he will start delving into pornography, first as a side hustle and as he makes more and more money, as the main thrust of his activities.

I believe Musk wishes to be the king of smut. And as such he would like to be addressed by the phrase, your royal smuttiness. Then finally he would be at the place he wants to be. A place where Prince Andrew would be jealous of his title.

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