How to Make Yourself Look Sunburned

I sometimes watch daytime television and sometimes it is interesting. Sometimes it is about things I don’t care about – like makeup tips. So why do I watch this anyway? I like to see the before and after and rate whether the model looks hotter or less so after the makeup transformation. I would like to share one with you that I think does the model a disservice in making her look less hot.

This is a makeup transformation that I’ve just seen recently, and seen worn just recently. I want to advise against it. Perhaps my criticism will be early enough that this doesn’t become a big trend.

This is the so called how to wear blush if you have a round or square face. This is like half the faces out there. The only other ones they mention in the article are heart shaped and long faces.

In a nutshell they say to apply the blush above the apple of the cheek, as the bottom of the C that goes around your eye and the top of the C is on your forehead,

Do you know what else touches these areas of the face? Sunshine from above. From the title of this post, you can guess that I think this looks like a bad sunburn. You would be correct.

Perhaps you would enjoy having the make believe power to very lightly touch a woman’s face and she winces in pain and pulls back from you?

I don’t want this power. And I especially don’t want to kiss a woman on the cheek and have a layer of her cheek stick to my lips because of peeling. I guess I’m just not Jeffrey Dahmer enough for this style of makeup.

Maren Morris just wore this style of makeup to the Kelly Clarkson show, She is married so perhaps it is a bid to keep her husband off of her. “Can’t you see that I’m sunburned and can’t have anyone touching me right now?” I imagine her saying.

I hate this style and hope it dies a swift death, By the way, if some women are really trying to keep their husbands off of them, the only way this could possibly look like more of a sunburn is if the nose had blush on it, too.

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