April 2024 Grab Bag o’ Humour

In many activities, it is common to celebrate with champagne. Sure you can use sparkling wine but most people are a slight bit snobbish and must have the more expensive, brand name champagne. Why is this?

Well I can’t speak for other languages since, alas, I don’t speak another language. But I know in the English speaking world it’s because champagne has champ right in the name.

Despite not speaking a second language, I live in Canada where food labels have French on the other side. So I can say with some confidence that champignon, or mushrooms, are the side dish of champions for the same reason.


Conservatives all across Canada are howling against increases to the carbon tax, They always call it the carbon tax and never talk about the rebate part. Most Canadians receive a rebate with their taxes, that is worth more than they spend on the carbon tax. Funny how that never makes it into Conservative talking points about the carbon tax.

I think the government should start calling it the carbon tax and rebate. It’s a more complete name. Yes, I do think that conservatives are counting on Canadians to not know there is a rebate part to it. They are counting on our ignorance to score points against the government.

This is kind of like the time a McDonald’s competitor tried having a 1/3 pound hamburger to compete against the McDonald’s ¼ pounder. They priced it the same but most people didn’t go for the deal. They believed a ¼ pound was bigger than a 1/3 pound.


It is my belief that horses are negative Nellies. I’m sure many people will think differently because they like the look of its mane and tail. Or they love to see horses race, either with a jockey or harness racing.

There are even those undeniably positive attributes. Like petting and grooming a horse and riding it can lead to positive psychological outcomes. It’s been proven that horses help people with their mental well being.

I don’t deny these things. I just think horses are negative Nellies because they are all naysayers.

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