Rotting as a Virtue

It’s not just one foodie (a self appointed food expert) that has put forward rotting as a virtue. It is many. They take pictures of food that just doesn’t rot and laugh at it as if it had no nutritional value at all. And then they turn around to us and say the best foods are ones with an expiry date. In other words, they value food that rots.

So let’s extend this idea. Almost everyone will agree that rotten eggs are probably the grossest food when rotten. Shouldn’t this mean that it is also the best for you? Foodies? This seems a rational position from your original hypothesis.

And doesn’t rotten meat make us the sickest and makes us more likely to die than other rotten food? If this rotten food is the worst doesn’t it follow that when fresh it is the best?

If these extensions are correct, then vegans might not like being held up to this truth. Make that TRUTH. Although vegan food rots, it is not quite as objectionable when it does so.

Natrel, what are you doing? Filtering milk!? In doing so you are artificially increasing the length of time the milk will last tasting fresh. This is horrible. Your milk must be way more unhealthy than ordinary milk.

And what of those connoisseurs of the unnatural – those who exist off food that keeps the longest? Preppers and Survivalists stock as much food as possible to get through the “end times crunch”. They expect their food to last years, even decades. I bet many of them have tried their future diet out.

But wait, do we have people who have been forced to exist for long periods of time off nothing that was fresh? In wars we have. In exploration, including keeping a presence in Antarctica we have. And if we ever successfully send a team to Mars, quite possible their diet will measure years without anything fresh.

So I think when people come back from wars, we should call them mutants. When people come back from exploring we know their diet made them a crime against nature. When those brave astronauts come back from Mars we should shun them for being made up of food so unnatural.

Being made up of only food that rots will make us rottenly superior.

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