On Singing Like Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is probably the biggest talent that Fleetwood Mac is known for. As well as penning and singing many hits for Fleetwood Mac, she was, to my mind, the one with the most successful solo career. She is also known for duets with Kenny Loggins and Don Henley.

But there is no getting around the fact that the woman bleats like a sheep. Some people think that vibrato makes for good singing and she has plenty of that. Sheep also have good vibrato. It is in every “Baa,” they make.

Just listen to that Don Henley duet, Leather and Lace, if you doubt me. I will be right here waiting patiently for your return.

So I was thinking how I could make a sheep into a good singer. Stevie Nicks has two things that a sheep can’t do. She can sing a tune and she can enunciate words.

To get a tune out of a sheep all that is necessary is a sampler and a half decent keyboard player. With this it is possible to “Baa,” through many popular songs.

Enunciating words is harder. I imagine you could make a robotic mouth, tongue, teeth and lips with forced air and the basic bleating sounds coming through the setup. Yes this might be hard to do but not impossible.

Then all you would need is a writer of Stevie Nicks calibre and you could have a successful musical act. You know, along the lines of Greta van Fleet (Led Zeppelin) and the Struts (Queen – but they are trying to distance themselves from this even though Queen’s star is rising because of their biopic).

This is not an unrealistic dream. However I do wonder how you would accredit the singing of this act. Credit the keyboardist? The sheep? The engineer of the enunciation setup? Regardless this still is my dream.

And even if I can’t go as far as my dream it would still be incredibly funny to get a sampler, sample a sheep and play the singing line to all of my favourite Stevie Nicks sung songs. Just don’t expect me to share them here because copyright holders would be jealous of my talent. Get your own sampler.

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3 Responses to On Singing Like Stevie Nicks

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  2. Swill says:

    My sister sent me a (American Greetings) birthday card a few days ago (5/2021)… the cover is of a sheep and the heading is “Celebrating EWE – my incredible Brother!”

    I caught Stevie live in Sacramento, CA, circa 1994 and interviewed her at the Aladdin/Planet Hollyhood, Las Vegas, circa 2001. Sweet, kind, down to earth and while we never know how to the public, she was very open and kind to the press.

    With out a word, or perhaps many implied, I had to comment here. Baa, Baa. She is an incredible talent!

  3. With bands like Supertramp, Styx and Fleetwood Mac that have more than one songwriter, I can’t help but compare them. Roger Hodgson was the best in Supertramp, Dennis DeYoung was the best in Styx and of course Stevie was the most talented songwriter in Fleetwood Mac.

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