10th Anniversary of This Blog – That’s a Lot of Ranting

The true anniversary of this blog is on December 20th. My admittedly poor memory thought it was after Christmas in 2009 when I started but it was really before. So it is actually 10 years and a week old.

First I will dredge up my favourite 6 posts from this year and tomorrow I will link to my favourite 10 posts of the decade. This decade I like to call the teens.

In January, I finally got to vocalize a long held belief – that Stevie Nicks bleats like a sheep. In March I had an idea for a lucrative business for plastic surgeons. May had the mind bending title: This is a Work of Fiction.

August had Lovecats and the machinations of Robert Smith. October saw a way to ruin the learning time of more students.

November opened up a new superhero duo that I intend to write more of in the new year. Visitor wise the superhero bits don’t do as well. It’s just that it is a new avenue for me with many ideas to come. The fact that this December and last December I wrote 2 posts about the same use of the words scrooge and grinch. I need to use what ever new avenues I can find or else I will stagnate.

Till tomorrow, then.

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