Best Posts of the Decade

This is post number 670 for those of you who care. I do – I’m trying to catch up with the number of episodes of the Simpsons. Hallowe’en either a year ago or two years was episode 666 so I am getting there and publish a new post at twice the rate the Simpsons does.

From 2010, my favourite post was The Horny Shower Curtain. Honourable mention goes to What I Don’t Like About Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics. It’s not every day that you can make a famous series look bad. As well, Hard SF writer Mike Brotherton linked to it from his blog.

I’ve long been annoyed with the almost always positive treatment of Baby Boomers so I wrote The Herd Mentality of Baby Boomers. In 2012 I aimed at vampires and got The Case for Vampires Staking Vampires, In 2013, I had fun with The Masked Asphalt Chewer.

In 2014 I envisioned Cursive Code to talk behind the backs of youngins. In truth and in jest in 2015 I suggested Let’s Chuck the Royal Family. I felt sorry for dogs and the way they are named in Naming Animals by Sex That Are Closest to Us.

In 2017, I liked the Canadian Duel. In 2018 I was fascinated by 7 League Boots. This year I picked Lovecats as my favourite post. Yes it really did happen.

So I hope we see the world in 2020 vision next year. (You knew someone was going to say it before the new year!)


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