I Have to Side With the Adults in the Movie ET

There are two major scenes that made up my mind against E.T. But just think of the idea that these creatures glow in the dark. Obviously they have lorded it over all the other animals on their homeworld and for a long time. The two scenes I want to discuss give some idea of what we’re dealing with here.

The scene where E.T. is in the kitchen and the mother is unloading groceries turned me against E.T. This scene is played for laughs but I wasn’t laughing in my new found understanding of what was really going on.

Firstly E.T. is walking randomly in the kitchen totally out of touch with the idea that the mother will likely out him to the rest of the adults. Either this creature that jumps from star to star is really stupid at this point or has an ace up his nonexistent sleeve. E.T. wanders aimlessly around the kitchen and the mother, who seems to look everywhere else, never looks at E.T.

I think E.T.’s erratic movements are because he isn’t concentrating on himself too well. I think he is inside the brain of the mother making certain that she doesn’t look his way. Yes I believe that E.T. is telepathic and his powers extend beyond just communicating. If you can send messages to the language centre of the brain, can’t you also send orders to the movement centres of the brain as well? I believe E.T. had total control of the mother for this scene.

The other scene is when all the kids take flight on their bicycle to get away from the adults. My first thought was that E.T. , as well as being a powerful telepath, is also telekinetic and can move objects with his mind. But maybe this was just his telepath skills expanded. Perhaps he can telepath a hallucination that hundreds saw as real. It doesn’t matter. Either way E.T. is one scary dude.

It is my belief that one E.T. could likely control 1 000 earthlings. More if they use the violence of dictators. It wouldn’t take many E.T.’s to take over the earth. This is a dictatorship I doubt we would ever get out of. That is why E.T. scares me and why I side with the adults.

Remember also that E.T. faked his own death. Even the more wised up adults fell for this one and let E.T. get away. This is what one lone E.T. did. Let’s not glorify it and call this a movie with a happy ending. It is a movie with a tragic ending. Now all the Earthlings in this movie must just sit back and wait to be controlled by the returning aliens.

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