Tail: The Aftermath of the First Patrol

Police Chief Summers watched as some kind of member slid open the 2nd floor window to his office. The chief knew not to go to it. The strange member came in further and then flexed and in a second the masked vigilante, Tail, was in the office.

“I see that the broadcasters alerted you to my wish to see you.”

“Yes,” said Tail, grabbing a seat.

“We can’t have vigilantes in town.” Tail looked more than skeptical. “I am going to show you from just your first patrol example.”

“Everyone was obviously guilty!” protested Tail.

“Those first two women that you apprehended were not drunk and disorderly.”

“But I saw them both puke for no reason.”

“They claim it was a reaction to-” Summers almost puked a little just thinking about it – “your tail.”

“That’s just wrong and biased!”

“My officers did due diligence. We made them both take a breathalyzer and take impaired tests. They both passed and were not impaired in any way. I would trust them to drive immediately after we released them.”

Tail slammed his fist against the desk. “Such a reaction is not possible because of someone’s appear-”

A much louder sound from outside the office reached the pair’s ears, “SUUUUUUUU WEEE! WEEE! WEEE! WEEE!”

“Don’t look!” warned Police Chief Summers. But Tail opened the door just enough so both could see.

A man who was being held by a very shocked and surprised cop let out another, “SUUUUUUU WEEE! HERE PIGGY, PIGGY, PIGGY!”

As one, every spare cop in the whole station charged the hog caller. The shock wore off for the attendant cop and she attempted to throw the man to the ground. This almost worked and the first couple extra cops got him down and pinned him to the floor. But his mouth was free and out came, “SUUUUUU WEEE! WEEE! WEEE! WEEE!”

Fists started flying and the man stopped making the offending sounds.

“It was an honest mistake,” said Tail looking away from the scene.

“Yes, yes,” said the police chief still staring in shock.

“I mean my detention of the two women.”


“An officer can make a mistake just as easily. Do we have an understanding?”

“Uh, I guess.”

Tail easily disappeared from the presence of the distracted police chief.

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