Superhero Tryouts: Modern Ninja

“Alright, Modern Ninja, you have shown me your martial arts skills and your use of a couple weapons. But those are just traditional ninja stuff. Explain to me why you call yourself modern,” said the image of Mother Earth that was on a screen with various cameras pointed around the empty warehouse that the testing was taking place in.

“Okay,” said Modern Ninja, dropping the sword she had been using and reaching in her clothing for something. “Traditional ninjas eschew modern improvements like guns.” She pulled a handgun out with a silencer. “Even when they’re ninja friendly like this gun with this silencer. Stealth is a priority for the ninja. I am modern because I use guns with silencers.

“The second reason I am modern is because I use point invisibility. That’s where a sensor detects what my eyes are looking at. My clothing is made up of video pixels controlled by a tiny computer enmeshed in the clothes. Cameras see behind me and extrapolate what my clothes should look like from the point I am looking at. The computer then makes me look like the background I am up against. It’s invisibility except for my eyes. Do you wish me to demonstrate?”

“I would love to see that,” said an eager Mother Earth.

“Which camera should I become invisible to?”

“The one above my image.”

Modern Ninja did something and suddenly only her eyes and the skin between them were visible to that camera.

The eyes approached the camera quickly and Mother Earth ordered, “Don’t touch the buttons! I can see you in the other cameras!”

Modern Ninja appeared again to all cameras. “I’m showing you one of my greatest powers. Is it not right that you reveal more about yourself?”

“I think I will shortly. I just don’t want to skip steps. Are there any other reasons that you are modern?”

“I’m a modern ninja because I’m a woman,” she said, arms akimbo.

“Well I just have to ask. If you are a modern ninja can’t you take the assassin thing down a notch and say you are going to detain the criminal element and not kill them outright.”

“I think I could do that. But at the start you promised that you could add to my powers. I’m curious as to how.”

“I’m a cracker who has broken into the Chinese government’s most top secret security systems. There I found an exoskeleton designed to increase the strength and power of the wearer. I was surprised because I had seen similar ones from other countries and they were not the same. The Chinese one would be superior for those who had mastered martial arts because it gave the wearer more range of motion and agility.

“Are you prepared to spend a few more months practicing with this before you are let on the streets as a new superhero?”

“I have trained my whole life. A few more months should not bother me.”

“Then we will have five reasons why you are a modern ninja.”

“But mostly because I’m a woman!”

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