Can’t Believe the Cannabis Edibles Ad Hasn’t Been Pulled Yet

Cannabis edibles have just become available in Canada. The government doesn’t think we understand the risks, yet. To help with this, the government has put out a cannabis edibles public service announcement ad.

The ad says in exactly the following order:

“Cannabis edibles aren’t as innocent as they look. Their high is unpredictable. And delayed. Help your kids understand the risks.”

So I told my kids Mopsy, Flopsy and Moxie, “The high of cannabis edibles is unpredictable. And delayed.”

Flopsy was the first to utter, “Oh, maaaannnn! What if I took them before my first period class, Ms. Megan’s grade 6 current events? You mean I wouldn’t be high for the class that I intended to be?”

“Yeah,” said Mopsy, his twin. “His favourite class is 2nd period. That would take him from being teacher’s pet to teacher’s whipping boy. And I’d be so embarrassed if the high lasted to 3rd period and my favourite class. Guess we’ll just have to suck it up and smoke some doobies like before.”

Moxie asked, “Does this mean that I won’t know if I’ll have the inescapable munchies because the high is unpredictable? What if I only have money for munchies or edibles but not both. Do you want me panhandling on the street?”

“Moxie,” I said, “you make a good point. If you only have edibles, the high might make you eat more edibles in an effort to quench the munchies but that will only make you more hungry. I will keep a munchies cupboard stocked for you three all in the interest of safety.

“I’m glad we had this talk, kids. The government was smart to try to spark conversations. A worthy ad buy as any I’ve ever seen.”

The preceding looks exactly like the conversation the government is expecting us to have. Did you notice how careful I was to use their wording? Now some may say this ad should be pulled. But it’s lasted this long so what do they know? It’s not like we’ve been severely distracted by something more important. Oh wait…

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