A Christmas Sandwich

Did you know elves only work about 1 month a year?

It’s true because Santa only gets kids’ Christmas wish lists a month or so before Christmas. Of course Santa doesn’t want to create waste, so he makes sure a gift is wanted before giving the go ahead to the elves to make it.

What a nice life, working one month a year with the other 11 months off. Of course you are required to live at the north pole. But that might not be so bad. I hear that there is also a magic sleigh that only gets used once a year that you can go anywhere in the world with that your heart desires.

Do you think the elves are slacking? What about the reindeer? Rumour has it they only work one night a year! Now that’s advanced slacking.


Apparently the Florida man meme has been around since 2013. These headlines beginning with Florida man and ending with some bizarre or absurd action, are shared around the world and make you want to shake your head and say why, Florida man, why?

Of course Donald Trump heard about all these stories and decided to move there. Those are his peeps. Whether he understands them or they understand him or both, this is likely the reason for him moving to Florida. Everyone needs a home.


I’ve always suspected this but before this year I never got off my butt to try to prove my position.

Jingle Bells is not a Christmas song. We’ve been fed a web of lies with this song being lumped in with our Christmas carols.

I had a look at all three verses and there is not one mention of anything to do with Christmas. I even looked up bobtails to make sure they’re not some rare Xmas tradition. No. Bobtails are the shortened tails of horses for sleighing. They are shortened so they don’t get caught in the reins.

Jingle Bells is exactly what it says it is. It is a sleighing song.

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