The Injury of Near Absolute Hero

Near Absolute Hero finished cordoning off and area around the possibly explosive propane tanks with his cold gun. Now he would just have to return every few minutes and refresh the cold, so there would be no resultant explosions. Now he should cool off the forklifts which used those same propane tanks.

Just then there was a huge Kaboom! Near Absolute Hero felt a rending in his gut and barely managed to wing himself to the ground before he passed out. The last thing he thought to do was to alert Mother Earth Force via a button in his suit.

Mother Earth got to the scene in less than 30 seconds and in that time a couple paramedics had arrived and were trying to stuff Near Absolute Hero into their vehicle, wings and all.

Mother Earth spoke into their radios. “Mother Earth, here! I know how the wings can come off easily!”

The pair of paramedics was out of ideas so they listened. “Press on the wing top. No further out. Yes, there and also lift upwards. Yes.”

The wings rattled to the ground and took the cold gun with it. Mother Earth tried to locate Modern Ninja and Tail to see who would make it on to the scene first. Modern Ninja was closest so Mother Earth told her to get the wings and gun and don’t come to the hospital till that equipment was secured.

Inside the vehicle the paramedics worked feverishly at the wound. They tried to stop the bleeding as well as they could. They used pressure points as they put a temporary wrap on it.

When the paramedics were doing the less important jobs of monitoring his pulse and blood pressure, Mother Earth spoke up. “There’s no need to take off his mask, is there?”

“If you can see us, that means a hacker can, too, doesn’t it?”

“Yes and they can see his face, too. Just think of the child at home with his wife. Suddenly criminals would want to put their lives in danger to nullify this man.”

“Oh, so he has a wife and kids?”

“Everyone has a family, just don’t lift up his mask.”

They got to the hospital. The paramedics rolled Near Absolute Hero to an operating room and gave their notes to the nurses and surgeons. They left and the head surgeon x-rayed the affected area and decided to operate immediately. They tore off the wrapping and eventually took out a piece of metal while closing interior wounds.

Realizing the operation was done, Mother Earth said, “You can remove any clothing, just not the mask.

“What?” Asked the one surgeon.

The head surgeon said, “My operating room, my rules.”

Suddenly the operating room and all equipment went dark for a second. The lights came on again and there was beeping from various machines.

Mother Earth said simply, “My operating room, my rules.”

“Then I won’t operate on your friend to save his life.”

“Then no matter what operating room you are in, the machinery won’t work. For the rest of my life. Or for the rest of yours. You won’t have a career. I will tell those around you why.”

The head surgeon let out an exasperated sigh.

The other surgeon said, “We wouldn’t have taken off his mask anyhow. I’ll just tell the cleanup and admission nurses not to, either.”

Mother Earth watched as the nurses cut off the rest of the suit. They cut from the neck down.

They were wheeling him to a recovery room when Tail joined them. “I’ve been here since the first minute of surgery,” said Tail to Near Absolute Hero.

“He’s still unconscious.”

Eventually it was just Tail and Near Absolute Hero in the recovery room. Later, Mother Earth’s image joined the pair on Tail’s phone. “Did you see the headline?”

“Just the Police?!” read the headline that Mother Earth displayed on Tail’s phone. “It asks if the police are enough security in the Big Smoke. It goes on to say that Near Absolute Hero is injured and in the hospital. Mother Earth and Tail are with him. Meanwhile, Modern Ninja is nowhere to be seen!”

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Best Posts of 2022

Back in February, I still got some of my humour from the now defunct Ellen Show. I found The Vilest Thing You Can Say on American Television from this show.

In April I tried out a piece of flash fiction that might make a decent short story. The Fountain of Youth- was good humour, too.

When the alleged centrist party becomes extremist, you want to know before the election. So I informed some of the electorate that Steven Del Duca is an Extremist. This was back in May before the Ontario election. Del Duca failed to get his party official party status in this election and it was entirely him that was responsible for this.

My ongoing support for birthday holidays, led to Birthday Holidays, the Government and Anti-Birthdays. I hope some up and coming politician takes birthday holidays on as a part of their platform. Maybe not in July 2022, but eventually.

In October, the changing Colours of Wealth caught my attention. A pattern is revealed and leads to an inescapable conclusion.

The Modern Midas is all about cheating this moral tale from being so moral. And finally one of the purest greed dreams becomes a reality from what was supposed to be a curse.

Thank you to all my readers and best of luck in the new year!

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Problems with Method Acting

Method acting is where the actor or actress tries to immerse themselves fully into the character. Problems arise when the actor takes this off the film set.

Perhaps their technique is so fully immersive that they are in that character for the whole 3 months or so while they are shooting. With some characters this is okay. The actor will just mess up their home life.

But what if they are playing a thief? Perhaps the actor can keep the thefts to just family members and “friends”. Thus they hopefully won’t be hauled before a court and lose their movie role while they are in jail.

But what if they do steal from strangers? Will their excuse be in front of a judge that they were just method acting? Or will they go straight to jail?

It could be worse. What if the actor is playing a hit man? Isn’t there that Johnny Cash song where someone shoots a man to death just to see how it would feel? Is this what the extreme method actor would do on their own time?

What if the actor were playing a serial killer? Wouldn’t they by definition have to perform multiple killings in a certain style? Imagine the headline : Copycat killings happening while a film crew shoots a serial killer’s life of crime!

What if the actor were playing a cannibal? Sure it could be the already problematic Jeffery Dahmer’s serial killer lifestyle. But it could also be a true to life story of certain explorers or a role in a remake of Alive.

For the explorers and Alive, wouldn’t the method acting cannibal want to at least try human meat? Watch out at the morgue or medical school donations.

Worst of all might be the method actor who plays Hitler. I say lock the actor up when he’s not on set. And keep him away from any weapons while doing his acting bit.

Method acting: is there any problem it can’t cause?

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The Drive Away from Red Hair and the Drive Towards Blonde

Over the last few years I’ve met 4 people again who had bright red hair when I knew them 30 or more years ago. I had problems recognizing them because each of them had hair that had become more brown than the red that I knew them for.

I just looked this up online and it is apparently pheomelanin that produces those bright orange shades. As a red head ages, the hair follicles produce less pheomelanin. More eumelanin is produced which leads to the browner colours.

In this society that seems to idolize youth, It would not surprise me if those bright colours of orange that young redheads are known for, would be chased by those who are more vain. Thus, a person afflicted with browning hair might die their hair as early as their twenties to keep the desired brightness.

And hair dyes for red hair are more easily washed out, so those that dye, must do so every month. The sun also will fade red hair so UV blockers are recommended for bright hair.

Compare this with blonde hair. Blonde hair becomes platinum blonde with age (i.e. grey hairs), which is arguably a brighter shade of blonde. There are however those people who had blonde hair as a kid and it became varying shades of brown as they aged into adulthood. But they will get platinum blonde hair as they reach old age so it is only temporary. (Though the brown might last for decades!)

There are also people like myself who have dark hair but if they spend enough time in the sun, will end up with blonde streaks through their hair. So sun is good for making hair more blonde.

And, in fact, those red heads, themselves, will eventually become grey in their upper ages. Thus blonde seems to win in the end for virtually everyone.

So there are people who are a blonde sandwich. They are blonde in their youth, brunette as adults and white haired in their latter years.

But if you want to try out all the colours of hair, it’s better to be a redhead. Red as a youth and early adult, brown in their adulthood and blonde when they are in their latter years.

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Those Lyin’ Lions

The plains of Africa are filled with creatures whose names might or might not be true. Allow me to point out a few.

Lions are pronounced lyin’ because they are lazy and lay about quite a bit. Life is tough when you are kings of the plain and don’t always have to be chasing down your food.

Then there are zebras whose names could also be Z bras. Presumably a Z bra is the largest size of bra possible. For this to be true, I believe the whole zebra must be a pair of breasts. And that’s not very good to run from predators as. This name is exaggeration at best and a blatant lie at worst.

There are also antelopes on the plains. A small change in pronunciation turns this name into anti lopes. Now a lope is a middling gallop. Most of the time, anti lopes stay at a very slow walk while they are eating grasses. But with the constant fear of predation, these animals will be off like a shot at the slightest suspicion. They are running for their lives, so this is at the fastest gallop obtainable by these creatures. This is not a lope. Anti lopes are named correctly.

Gnus also live on the African plains. Or as I prefer to spell them, news. Like the other African creatures, news have been living in Africa for millions of years. There is nothing new about them whatsoever. So this name is a lie. You could even say it’s old news. Now there are some news in Africa that are old. So maybe this name has a tiny hint of the truth.

Where did these names come from, that are sometimes blatant lies? Maybe someone was whispering in the ear of the early explorers who got to name these creatures.

Let’s go back to those lions. Now lyin’ could also be the act of not telling the truth. Perhaps these creatures are doubly named correctly and are the source of some of the lies about other creatures. If only there were some way to implicate the lyin’. Maybe we could bring up a motive to circumstantially show to a jury.

How about the Cheetah? They also live on the plains and are the fastest land predator in the wild, Perhaps their name is Cheater with a lion accent. But cheetahs blatantly don’t cheat when they hunt down creatures to eat. But maybe a lyin’ would feel guilty about cheating a cheetah and thus put the word they feel onto the innocent Cheetah.

I’ve seen the video of the African plain. A cheetah manages to outrace some prey and kills it. All within the sight of a lioness. The cheetah sees the lioness so it begins eating right away as fast as it can. The lioness walks purposely straight at the cheetah. The cheetah eats.

The lioness gets within a few paces of the meal and the cheetah gets up and runs. The cheetah knows that the lioness is tougher and could kill it. The lioness now has her meal and can share it with her pride.

The lyin’ lions are the true cheaters on the African plains.

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A Christmas Sandwich

Did you know elves only work about 1 month a year?

It’s true because Santa only gets kids’ Christmas wish lists a month or so before Christmas. Of course Santa doesn’t want to create waste, so he makes sure a gift is wanted before giving the go ahead to the elves to make it.

What a nice life, working one month a year with the other 11 months off. Of course you are required to live at the north pole. But that might not be so bad. I hear that there is also a magic sleigh that only gets used once a year that you can go anywhere in the world with that your heart desires.

Do you think the elves are slacking? What about the reindeer? Rumour has it they only work one night a year! Now that’s advanced slacking.


Apparently the Florida man meme has been around since 2013. These headlines beginning with Florida man and ending with some bizarre or absurd action, are shared around the world and make you want to shake your head and say why, Florida man, why?

Of course Donald Trump heard about all these stories and decided to move there. Those are his peeps. Whether he understands them or they understand him or both, this is likely the reason for him moving to Florida. Everyone needs a home.


I’ve always suspected this but before this year I never got off my butt to try to prove my position.

Jingle Bells is not a Christmas song. We’ve been fed a web of lies with this song being lumped in with our Christmas carols.

I had a look at all three verses and there is not one mention of anything to do with Christmas. I even looked up bobtails to make sure they’re not some rare Xmas tradition. No. Bobtails are the shortened tails of horses for sleighing. They are shortened so they don’t get caught in the reins.

Jingle Bells is exactly what it says it is. It is a sleighing song.

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Haunted CDs

The first I heard about a haunted CD was with Nirvana’s Nevermind album. You put the CD in the CD player and it mostly played normally. That is until the 12th and final track. Sure it played that 4 minute song normally. However the counter for time kept going long after the song had stopped. From 4 minutes to around 13:52 it played the song of silence.

Then at 13:52 it started playing what can only be described as a heavy experimental song. This goes on for another 6 minutes or so.

I just imagine that some people just let Nevermind play, thought it was done, and then about 9 minutes later are shocked awake again. “Who is in my house?” they might think. “Where is that thrash metal coming from?” Well they have 6 minutes to figure it out.

Later came Sarah McLachlan with her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album. Again the final track ends but the time counter keeps going in silence. There’s a few seconds of experimental music then a rest. Finally a different version of the single Possession comes on with just Sarah and the piano.

The album that got me scared for a few minutes was Undertow by Tool. When you play the tenth and final track, Disgustipated, the track numbers go from 10 to 11 to 12 to 13, etc. They just count upwards to 69.

The first time it happened to me I thought my CD player had broken and was just counting upward incorrectly. I pressed buttons frantically but nothing seemed to help. I didn’t press power. My CD player didn’t have a total number of tracks on it which would have given the trick away.

Finally the song comes on at track 69. But it is just a clicking sound every few seconds for a minute. Now I thought my CD player was permanently broke and this clicking sound was the proof. Eventually after a minute, the real song began and I realized that Tool was using tools because they are tools! Yes I am Disgustipated at them.

Cracker was a superstitious band. On their album Kerosene Hat, they would have had 13 tracks. Instead they had songs 13 and 14 be just empty tracks. The thirteenth song is number 15. The total number of songs given is 99. And past the 15th song, each track is silent for three seconds then advances to the next track. Up until track 69. Oh my. I’ve had this CD for decades and never realized this track was on it!

Already this post is a success. The song sounds like it is called Eurotrash Girl. It’s 8 minutes long. After this, the tracks went for 3 seconds of silence till number 88. This is a 6 minute song that I can’t figure out what it might be called. The next tracks go by in silence. Then track 99 is just a one and a half minute throwaway.

These were all albums from 1991 to 1993. But Coldplay decided to revive this strategy a few years ago with their album Everyday Life. I guess they decided that they really wanted 24 tracks for this album, for each hour of the day, although they just had 16 songs. So in the middle, they put 8 songs that were only a few seconds. I think 4 songs divide the one chiming of Big Ben. Like Cracker, the other four songs are 3 seconds of silence.

And that my friends is what a haunted CD is like. If you know of anymore, please inform me about them.

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What’s Left Over

I have two brothers who are left handed and also play the guitar. They do this in the normal way. That is they conform to right handed guitars and play them the right handed way. That is the left hand is for fret work, and the right hand is for strumming and picking.

Myself and Stephen Huss used to write songs and jam. He was also left handed. But he refused to conform in a right handed world and had himself a left handed guitar.

I regret that I never brought up my fire breathing dragon guitar idea to Stephen while he was still alive. With him and a left handed dragon guitar, our guitar flames could face each other. Maybe we’d even bring back glam rock. We could have had on stage guitar playing battles that were reflected in our flames and guitar posturing.

Anyhow, I think I could have gotten at least a laugh out of Stephen, thinking about this.

Stephen also played keyboards. He played a normal keyboard, not a left handed one. This made me wonder if there were any left handed keyboards around. In other words, those that have the low notes on the right and the higher notes on the left.

The internet is riddled with articles saying that left handed keyboards are an abomination. That keyboards don’t favour right or left hands – you have to use both anyhow.

Poppycock! I’ve seen people play the piano before and play some myself. Almost always the lead is done with your right hand and the more simple bass lines are done by your left hand. It is obvious that songs, as written, favour the right handed player on the normal keyboard.

I think that some right handed players want things to stay the way they are so they can play any keyboard they see. I’m a guitarist. I resigned myself to not being able to play Stephen’s guitar. It’s not hard. After all it was his guitar. I shouldn’t be playing it without permission anyhow.

I would also like to see left handed keytars. After all there could be similar fire breathing dragon get ups just as easily as with a guitar. Then I could have a band with 4 fire breathing dragon instruments, 2 guitars, bass and a keytar. Suddenly drums will seem relatively boring. Or flammable.

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Ripping Off Album Buyers

The recording industry has been ripping off music album buyers for a long time. It all started a very long time ago with greatest hits packages. There are always one or two of the very biggest hits left off the album. So it isn’t the act’s greatest hits. For instance, after buying two double albums of the Beatles greatest hits, I defy you to tell me where “Twist and Shout” is on the compilation. With greatest hits packages you always have to buy at least one more album.

The first act I know to rip you off the following way is Led Zeppelin. No amount of album buying can save you from what they did. Even if you have a complete set of their albums, you do not have the song “Hey Hey What Can I Do” which to my ears, could have been a single in its own right.

I guess singles sales weren’t high enough at the time because they put it on the B side of the single “Immigrant Song”. Now, Immigrant Song is off Led Zeppelin III. The rest of the album sucks. I do however like Hey Hey What Can I Do. So, if knowing all this before buying, I’d buy the single of the Immigrant Song instead of Led Zeppelin III. And I’d save myself some money in the process.

I guess the recording industry tried to make it back up to us with the advent of the CD. A lot of albums from that era are 55 or 60 minutes. Compare this with the 40 minutes standard of the record album.

But one thing that can’t be seen easily is that very, very few acts are ever capable of making solid albums of that length. The only two that I thought gave it a good go were Nirvana with Nevermind and Pearl Jam with Ten. Even though most of these songs were solid, the unrelenting harshness of these two albums does not make me want to listen to a full hour of it.

So, because of the return of the 40 minute album, more great albums have arisen.

Now we are in the era of streaming. Basically everything gets put up for streaming. But if this is the focus, why are acts still trying to rip off us album purchasers?

Yes 40 minute albums are better. But in my eyes less can be seen as laziness. Recently Olivia Rodrigo had success with a 33 minute album. And Bastille just tried a 32 minute album on the public. Now I don’t know about Olivia Rodrigo but Bastille has “extra” songs in streaming that I would have liked to be on this album. I feel ripped off.

But the worst offender has got to be Imagine Dragons and their latest ploy. Last year they released an album called Mercury Act I. This year they released a double album called Mercury Acts I and II. It’s the price of a double album. It includes the full first album. And nowhere do you see Mercury Act II by itself. I don’t want to buy an album I already have for the 2nd time. So I haven’t as yet. Thus we are stuck in a stalemate. It’s me and the recording industry in a great big stand off. F U Interscope Records!

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The Modern Midas

We’ve all heard the story of King Midas who was granted the power of the Midas touch. That’s where everything he touched turned to gold. At first he wanted this power and saw it as a blessing. Then he realizes it’s a curse and everything he loves must not be touched or they, too, will turn to gold.

But let’s analyze this a bit more. When he gets this power he was likely clothed. And he was touching his clothes. His clothes never changed to gold because gold is hard and wouldn’t allow him to move easily as clothing. Gold is one of the densest substances on Earth and would also weigh him down terribly.

I think it’s safe to say his clothing never turns to gold. Thus it is only his exposed hands that have the Midas touch. He could run around touching many many things that would sell for a large value if they were gold.

Then he can pay for a doctor and hospital bills. He will need to have his hands severed off or even possibly his arms to have no chance of changing a loved one into gold.

Maybe he should sever his hands in a well guarded part of the castle. Perhaps the Midas touch works after the hands have been severed and people can touch things to the hands and they too will be turned to gold. The king will be so rich, he won’t ever need real hands again.

He can use artificial limbs and maybe one day there will be robotic hands that can be wired to the brain so he can control them as he once did his real hands.

The original Midas story was a powerful moral tale. Telling this in modern times is more likely to get an expression of “Meh.”

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