Blast From the Past I

To see the home page of this blog all you have to do is click on the banner where it says “The Many Rants of Larry Russwurm”. (You can try it out and then click the go back button and this post will still be here). On the right hand side of my home page, it lists my archived posts by month and further down is something called “Pages”. The “about” page or the “Frequently asked Questions” page you can look at any time. Today I’m concerned with the 5 “Jacques 2003” pages.

All 5 are Canadian political cartoons starring Jacques O’ Christmas Tree (that’s right, a jack o’ lantern head on a Christmas tree body). Firstly, if you click on one of these you will find a squished political cartoon. That’s because this blog theme isn’t made for pictures beyond a certain size. Still you can click on the squished picture and that will bring up the same picture in its proper dimensions.

Secondly, it’s been 7 years since 2003 so you might have forgotten the politics of the time. Because of this, below the squished picture, way down, I’ve tried to retell the pertinent information that makes the cartoon funny. I realize of course that having a section entitled “why it’s funny” might make more than a few of you think its not funny. Still I’m hoping some of you will like it.

Why are these cartoons only making an appearance now? Well in 2003 I was seriously thinking of drawing political cartoons with an eye on getting them published. The problem with this was I was only able to think of about one a week and sometimes not even that. So I might have gotten a part time job out of it, but would still have pressure sometimes. Anyways, after many weeks I only had these cartoons finished (I had more with punch lines scribbled down that I never drew).

I thought about it some more in the following years and noticed that most of my cartoons had multiple punch lines. So I thought maybe I could change over to daily nonpolitical cartoons. I had avoided these because of the daily thing. Now I was thinking of writing one punch line per strip in a story arc. That way my multiple jokes could stretch over a few days.

Any how I’m going to give the daily thing a go sometime this year. But obviously I need a better blog theme so the pictures will be undistorted. And there are other things I have to learn. But stay posted here and I will tell you where to go to find these daily cartoons. Jacques will of course be the star of these newer cartoons.

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