Is There Some Science Behind the Chinese Zodiac?

Long time followers of this blog may remember my Traiters post of a couple years ago. In that post I said that the trait part of astrology may have some truth to it. (Note: I didn’t and don’t believe in the fortune telling aspect of astrology one bit). I even gave as evidence two different studies that gave birth month or birth season as reasons for differences in babies through the year.

Well I have added to those original two reasons so you may want to check that Traiters post again. There are now two more studies I’ve uncovered that say birth month can change your traits. As an illustration of my beliefs, check the Venn diagram below.


I thought that the Chinese Zodiac was complete hogwash though. I couldn’t see what differences could result from the very arbitrary seeming 12 year cycle.

But I thought again when I uncovered this article stating that babies born in recession are likely to have different traits than other babies. So I thought back to the last three recessions. Using my memory I’d say the start of each recession was about 1980, 1990, and 2008.

Now none of the dates are exactly 12 years apart from each other. But approximately they are. Maybe this economic cycle has been with humanity for the entire time of free enterprise. And thus appeared when the Chinese Zodiac was constructed.

And the Chinese Zodiac likes to say that certain signs or years don’t get along and other years get along famously. I’d say you can see this in some families. Those siblings with birth years near each other are rivals and thus fight with one another constantly. But, further away, like a few years apart, siblings will ally with each other. This is not necessarily what the Chinese Zodiac says, I’m just saying there may be a good rationalization for this facet.

Now I think these links are soft so I won’t even be able to make a Venn diagram with the Chinese Zodiac and science. Still, “Curiouser,” said Alice.

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