Which Kind of Zoomer Are You?

Lately I’ve been seeing Gen Z-ers being called Zoomers. First of all bravo you namers. You named Gen Z-ers after their most hated generation. The one they keep getting compared to, negatively of course.

Secondly you didn’t check with other parts of the world to see if someone started calling Boomers, themselves, this. They had. ZoomerMedia is an entrenched Canadian company that began in 2007, (ten years before people began calling Gen Z-ers this). Shortly before, Boomers that were more active in older ages than their parents and other generations coined the term Zoomers. As this was a positive portrayal of the generation, Canadian media pounced and Zoomer Magazine and Zoomer Radio were born.

It’s not for a lack of names that some call you Zoomers, Gen Z. Pick any of the following: iGeneration, centennials, post-millennials, and Homelanders have all been used. Why not pick one of these? It’s easy.

Otherwise we name our generations thusly: the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, Zoomers, Gen X, Millennials, Zoomers. So maybe the new naming convention should be every third generation is named Zoomer.

However, Zoomer Media you aren’t helping your case. Now you say a Zoomer is anyone 45 and older. I will not sit by silently while you have attempted to wipe out Gen X and all they have fought for. Do you think a swipe of the pen can erase our non-identity identity?

It really doesn’t help your case when this is on the Zoomermedia page:

ZoomerMedia focuses on Canada’s most powerful audiences — the 17.2 million Baby Boomers and Gen Xers over the age of 45 (which we coined Zoomers) and the 13.2 million Millennials and Gen Zs under 45 (which in the US have recently also been coined Zoomers). The term Zoomer now represents the whole family, from old to young.

Now everyone’s a Zoomer? I don’t see generation, I only see Zoomers?

I might give up on deciding which side to land on. But I for sure do not agree that Gen X and Millenials should get wiped out by an all encompassing Zoomer tag.

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