Best Posts of 2023

I was so very punny this year that the 1st and last post I’m linking to in this are pun based. In February, I Don’t Want to Say What This Post is About cannot be named without falling victim to the same trap that all the headlines mentioned did.

May saw the Michael Conspiracy or what I would name the post now. It was actually called Canadian Michaels and China.

In July we heard about the Swift Quake. But wasn’t this just a physical manifestation of what we had been hearing all year? Taylor Swift was all over the news and really wasn’t that big of a surprise as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

In September I railed about an ever practical idea. For the Love of Life, Keep Eddie Vedder Away from Drugs. But I heard in a comment from someone that he just might already be using alcohol as his more legal crutch.

In November I wrote about different types of writers in Plotters and Pantsers and related them to different types of murders.

In December I again took on the punster hat to come up with 3 puns in a very short story. It was called Vegetare.

I’m wishing a happy new year to all those people out there who enjoy strange humour.

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