Johnny Fish Spawn

It should be patently obvious to all that fish first came from the sea. From there, some evolved into liking fresh water and thus migrated upstream into rivers and tributaries and freshwater lakes. But what happens when these fish reach a wall? Like for instance the 110 foot behemoth that is the cliff of Niagara Falls.

It is my contention that Lake Ontario and the lower Niagara River naturally have fish. The upper Niagara and the other Great Lakes must have somehow been seeded with fish.

Maybe Johnny Fish Spawn was an early European explorer of North America. Maybe he was a North American aboriginal. Maybe her name and deeds are lost in the mists of time. But surely such a person had to exist.

Perhaps geological forces changed things enough that fish made it to the upper reaches of other river and lake systems. But the Great Lakes are only 10 000 years old, dug out in the last ice age by glaciation. The road block that is the Niagara escarpment might have been in place for the entire time of the Great Lakes. Johnny Fish Spawn might have been necessary.

Did Johnny Fish Spawn transport pairs of certain types of fish? Or did he just transport the fertilized eggs? We might never know.

Judging by the variety of wildlife in the upper lakes, there might have been many, many Johnny Fish Spawns. Perhaps one species at a time was introduced. Some of the Johnny Fish Spawns might have even transferred odd wildlife, like crayfish to the upper lakes.

Regardless, all of the upper Great Lakes owe Johnny Fish Spawn recognition. This post is an effort toward that goal. Johnny Fish Spawn, whoever you were, we are indebted to you.

And then again maybe all the Johnny Fish Spawns were just sloppy caviar lovers. I hear that dry, crisp white wines go best with caviar. Lots of white wine might have made you sloppy, Johnny Fish Spawn.

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  1. Bob Jonkman says:

    This requires an illustration. I expect your next blog post to be “Johnny Fish Spawn gets Cartoond”

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