Best Posts of 2022

Back in February, I still got some of my humour from the now defunct Ellen Show. I found The Vilest Thing You Can Say on American Television from this show.

In April I tried out a piece of flash fiction that might make a decent short story. The Fountain of Youth- was good humour, too.

When the alleged centrist party becomes extremist, you want to know before the election. So I informed some of the electorate that Steven Del Duca is an Extremist. This was back in May before the Ontario election. Del Duca failed to get his party official party status in this election and it was entirely him that was responsible for this.

My ongoing support for birthday holidays, led to Birthday Holidays, the Government and Anti-Birthdays. I hope some up and coming politician takes birthday holidays on as a part of their platform. Maybe not in July 2022, but eventually.

In October, the changing Colours of Wealth caught my attention. A pattern is revealed and leads to an inescapable conclusion.

The Modern Midas is all about cheating this moral tale from being so moral. And finally one of the purest greed dreams becomes a reality from what was supposed to be a curse.

Thank you to all my readers and best of luck in the new year!

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